lunes, septiembre 18, 2006

Wiseguys - In Tha Company Of Killaz (1997)

Year: 1997
Label: Surrender Records

1. Blazin 'Em (feat Tony Rhome & Moty & J-Stone & Hardcore & Stets & E-Devious & One Man Gang & Benzino & Cool Gzus)
2. Wiseguys
3. Doubleheada (feat Blazertown & Im & J-Hops)
4. Manhood
5. Brick Life (Here Today, Gone Tomorrow) (feat Cool Gzus & Mag Steel)
6. Draztic Meazures (Investigate My Whole Team)
7. Team Playa (feat DB-11 & E-Devious)
8. In Tha Company Of Killaz (feat Cool Gzus & E-Devious)
9. True Lies (feat One Man Gang & Belnel Mike)
10. Take Care Of Our Own (feat Hostile & Hardcore)
11. Bordaline (feat The All)
12. Maintain (feat G-Pack)
13. You Shoulda Squeezed (feat The All)
14. All The Same (feat Cool Gzus)
15. Hollow Tips (feat The All & Prodigy & Ty Nitty & GOD Pt III)
Extra: 16. In Tha Company Of Killaz (Remix)
Extra: 17. Satisfaction

Tangg da Juice, Big Roscoe, Mass Murderin Mike aka M3, Masta Criminal y Mann Terror forman este colectivo de raperos de Boston con unas bases fuertes y unos rapeos con clase. Este es su mejor album ya que el resto, la gran mayoria son instrumentales.
Os recomiendo: In Tha Company Of Killaz (Remix), Doubleheada y Take Care Of Our Own.

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