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Blak Forest - You Are Now Entering The...Blak Forest (1997)

Year: 1997
Label: Rhino Records

1. You Are Now Entering The Blak Forest (feat Shaydie)
2. The Fourth Quarter (feat Circle Of Power & Landmines)
3. Never Before (feat LMNO)
4. Mental Staus (feat Urbanites)
5. Don't Drink The Water (feat Hakim Tha Wize)
6. Throw'em In The Sun (feat Sleeze 1)
7. Game Of Def (feat Kamikaze & Urbanites)
8. Fly Lines (feat Hellrazor & Shaydie)
9. Just Wanna Be A Star (feat Kamikaze)
10. Approach With Discretion (feat Landmines)
11. 4est Green (feat Hakim Tha Wize & Urbanites)
12. Get Da Paper (feat Circle Of Power)
13. Dedicated MC's (feat Sleeze 1)
14. Predictable Contradictions (feat LMNO & Shaydie)
15. Street Legal (Treehouse Pt. II)
16. Street Legal (Treehouse Pt. II - Radio Edit) (feat Stuart Wylen)

Collectivo de raperos formado por LMNO, Mone, Otherwize, Shaydie, Wiz1 y Zig ESP. Con buenas rimas y buenas bases que no llegan a ser de los mejores, pero merece la pena escucharlo.
Os recomiendo: Game Of Def, 4est Green y Get Da Paper.

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crook94 dijo...

yo!where are the links?

Anónimo dijo...

Hi,Track 3 is corruped.Thx For all.

Anónimo dijo...

please reupload it again but not on rapidshare