jueves, octubre 12, 2006

IV-V-VI - Nu Day Dawnin' (1999)

Year: 1999
Label: Warlock Records

1. Intro
2. Partying Grounds
3. Night (Skit)
4. Nights Like This
5. Drop Tha Drawz (feat D. Newkirk)
6. Stalker
7. I Got Planz (feat Najeedah)
8. Musical (Skit)
9. Samurai Showdown
10. War Headz
11. Who We Be?
12. Beat Box (Skit)
13. Jump In The Mix
14. Watch What You Do
15. My Bank (feat Q.T's & Black Dot & Sick Shane & Macadame)
16. Guest List
17. Party Or Beef
18. Dust
19. Dusk Till Dawn
20. No Day Dawnin (feat NDeed)

Mike Myers, Big Nem y Storm 6 forman este grupo de Queens al estilo de Wu-Tang CLan, y como no, su afiliación a dicho grupo se nota en este cd. Con buenas bases y buenos rapeos...
Os recomiendo: My Bank, Samurai Showdown y Dust.

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i'v got IV V VI ))))))


Isako dijo...

Punk Barbarians: Don 't Worry cause I will put the link, in a few days... If you want to give me the IV-V-VI link, please...

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can you please re-up the Ill Biskits Chronicle of Two Losers ? It would be much appreciated


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re-up IllBiskits


Наслаждайтесь чуваки!!!!Всем привет из Южного Медведково!!!