viernes, octubre 20, 2006

Baby-J - Birth (1998)

Year: 1998
Label: Bomb Hip Hop Records

1. Intro
2. For My Army (feat A-Alikes)
3. Savior (feat Poetic)
4. Truth (feat Shaqueen & Omen & Shabazz The Disciple)
5. The God In Man (feat Knowledge Scientifik Cipher)
6. Unseen Hand (feat Kinzmen)
7. War Trilogy P.O.W. (Projects Of War) (feat Shabazz The Disciple & Freestyle)
/ M.I.A. (Militia ...) (feat Celestial Souljahz)
8. Focus (feat Freestyle)
9. Threat Of Allegiance (feat Bless)
10. Pressure (feat Yogi)
11. Fire On Water (feat Fire)
12. Walk With A Bop (feat A-Alikes)
13. Angels Of Death (feat Yogi & Shabazz The Disciple & Freestyle & Poetic)
14. How Long? (feat G-Force)
15. The Lamb's Blood (feat Shabazz The Disciple)
16. Outro (feat DJ Noize)

Productor Inglés de Hip-Hop que debutó con este pedazo de album en colaboración con grandes MC's de Nueva York. Con unas bases esquisitas, y unos ritmos brutales seguro que lo vais a disfrutar como yo...
Os recomiendo: Unseen Hand, Walk With A Bop y Savior.

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please reupload again the blak forest lp cause rapidshare has delated the file

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can you re-up the wise guys album please

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can you re-up the Midwest Avengers - Avengers Assemble (1998)

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Isako re-up 'Baby-J - Birth' please

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Hello!!!I'm Profeta...from Brazil...
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I don't need to re-upload the file cause the file is good, but you must wait to download a few time. It only can download by a one user at time. Just wait...

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whats with the blak forest lp? can you reupload it again? many thanks

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trata de subir este disco por rapidshared .. muy buen blog