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100X - Philadelphia's Compilation (1992-1995)

Year: 1992-1995
Label: Freestyle Records

Rare & Unreleased (1992-1995)

01. Intro (feat Sihn & Nickybutters)
02. Commercial #1
03. Underground Walls
04. Live In 215 (feat The Roots & Devine Beings)
05. Philly Nigga International (feat Black Thought & Malik B)
06. Commercial #2 (feat Black The Rippa)
07. Deadly Cemetery
08. Pass The Buck
09. Universal Soldier
10. The Pain
11. Acid Rain
12. Who Fucked Up The Pack Money (feat Are Em)
13. Outro

Whom Shall I Fear? (1993-1995)

01. 100x Is... (Intro)
02. Mental Pandemonium
03. Belly Of Hell (feat Are Em)
04. Whom Shall I Fear?
05. 119
06. Gory Jungle
07. Redeyez (Remix)
08. Waterfall Of Fire
09. They Call Me Lex Ruger
10. New Day, New Flow
11. Invisible Strangler
12. Flowers In The Attic
13. Horrorcore
14. War Against The Surface
15. Paper Chase
16. You Ain't Ready
17. Rusty Knife Style
18. Whom Shall I Fear? (Remix)

Extras (1994-1995)

01. Beyond The Door
02. Beyond The Door (Remix)
03. Bloodsportz 2
04. Death 2 The Radio
05. Fast Loot Tactics
06. Fast Loot Tactics (Remix)
07. Fuck
08. Meet The Mayor
09. Scream

Mal Blak, Lex Ruger, Mustafo, Bad Newz, Lamar Supreme y G Masica son un colectivo de raperos de Philadelphia con unas rimas brutales y unas bases tremendas, los cuales nunca habian sacado un album. Esta compilación de 2 horas y media de auténtico RAP nos demuestra que el 90 sin lugar a dudas fue, la década de oro...Este disco te lo dedico a ti, hermanito.

Os recomiendo : Deadly Cemetery, Beyond The Door (Remix) y Underground Walls.

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Anónimo dijo...

100X ! the best package of the year , something for the real hiphop listeners!

Anónimo dijo...

One ov the dopest acts 'long with Figure Uv Speech, Black A.G. & DJ Quiksilver Kooley....

So Underrated yet Underground....MOve int a Dark Allley & Blassst after a couple ov blunts....!!!

Try uploading some Grim Moses: Ensyclopaedia Satanika..... Sick stuff reely!!

Keep up tha good werke Isako.... U tha mann!

Peace y'all,