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Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds (1992-1998)

01. Kid Capri - Intro
02. Cella Dwellas - It's Time
03. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Can't Be Ya Lover
04. Rakim - Once Upon A Rhyme (Remix)
05. Shadowz In Da Dark - Bright Lights
06. Pudgee - The Lessons of Today (feat Ran Reed)
07. LSD - Parkside Madness
08. Miilkbone - Small World
09. Ran Reed - Underground Airplay Interlude
10. Ran Reed - Grab the Mic (feat Chino XL)
11. Nautilus - Untitled
12. Darc Mind - We In This
13. Pudgee - Inner City Blues (feat DMX)
14. UG - Let's Talk (feat Phantasm)
15. Shabaam Sahdeeq - When the Shit Hits the Fan (feat Black Sun)
16. Mister Fit - Mindbenderz
17. Pudgee - On the Regular (Unreleased Remix)
18. Ill Mentality - Luvin' U 4 Dayz
19. Ran Reed - Whutcha Want
20. Napoleon (Pudgee) - War Goin' On
21. Lord Have Mercy - Final Scene

01. Quassan - I Am (Outro)
02. Ill Mentality - So Amazing
03. Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 My Peeps (Unreleased Remix)
04. Ran Reed - The Definition (feat Cella Dwellas)
05. Shadowz In Da Dark - Final Chapter
06. Napoleon (Pudgee) - You Ain't Know (feat DMX & Ran Reed)
07. Kandy Kane - Do My Body Good (feat Miilkbone)
08. Chubb Rock - Verse
09. Chubb Rock, Ran Reed & Cella Dwellas - Lyricist Lounge Freestyle
10. Main One - The Main Event (feat Cella Dwellas)
11. Mister Fit - First In, Last Out
12. Channel Live - All Is Fair
13. Emskee - My Skills
14. Rakim - Show Me Love (Unreleased Remix)
15. Ran Reed - Black Book Interlude
16. Ran Reed - Mental Earthquakes (feat Shabaam Sahdeeq)
17. Miilkbone - Dirty Delaney (feat K-Banger)
18. Shadowz In Da Dark - Break Fool
19. Tross - Still Low
20. Ran Reed - Enough
21. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Sexy (feat Baybe)
22. Lady Luck - They Call You
23. Cella Dwellas - Good Dwellas (Unreleased Remix)

Feliz Navidad a todo el mundo, que os aprovechen estas vacaciones en familia y que escucheis el mejor rap del mundo... Esta compilación es de lo mejorcito que hay por ahí.
Que la disfruteis a toooodoo volumennnn !!!!!
Link from Ho1ogramz

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Anónimo dijo...

Yo Isako. Thanx for your post, but there is a problme with the upload of your compilation... there are a lot of burna tracks..specially ran reed...wow. Could you please have a look that the problem will be solved..??? big up to barça! Best wishes outta Switzerland. Peace out HIGHTOWER.

Anónimo dijo...

puedes resubir estos discos:
*Click tha supah latin-this is how i know 1997
*The Colored section-bomb mc 1998
*IV-V-VI-Nu day dawnin 1999
*Cash crew-from a afropean perspective 1996
5ive-o-if u r not part uv da solution 1994
*Shamus-serving life ep 1997
*Poppa bear kool breez & baby wise now ya know 1993

Isako dijo...

All the tracks are in perfectly state and you can download from a lot of ways... its tested by me and functionally is 100% efective...

sanetwo dijo...

wena bro este compi esta de lujo se agradece de subir tanta buena de la buena epoca de oro del rap men ya un abrazo y sigue subiendo musia de este estylo men ya saludos y que estes bien

paz y rapzz

sanetwo from chile

net weight dijo...

Isako, I'm loving the compilations, dude. Thank you. Stuff like the Henchmen and Tasc4orce, much better for me to have in compilation form.

This Nick Wiz double CD is great.
The problem is that the label "No SLeep" has temporarily stopped putting out these ill rare material having CDs, because everyboy's downloading them and nobody's buying them. :( We need more from No Sleep! They have so much in store, but we may never see any of it.

I'm not saying to dead your link, just asking the readers to please support the artist and label.
Maybe a link to No Sleep's myspace where they can purchase? There's also some pretty informative liner notes and these CDs will be worth money one day soon.
Seriously, I'm not even friends with no sleep, I just want more music!!
Peace and thanks for that Isako Xmas comp, too!!