lunes, junio 09, 2008

DJ Isako - Hardcore Rap Of The Golden Era Vol. 2

Year: 2008
Label: Isako Records

01. 25 Is Life - Dickstruction
02. Da F.E.N.C.E. Men - Massacre (feat Krumb Snatcha)
03. Constellation - For All The Heads
04. Masta Ace - Top Ten List
05. Native Rhythm - Paid My Dues
06. Grand Daddy I.U. - Face Down (feat Vakill & Metamo of Rubberoom)
07. C4 - Stik Up
08. 25 Is Life - Freestylin'
09. Stikken Moov - Attack
10. N-Tense - Watch His Back (Brother's Keeper)
11. Brick Flava - The Bossman
12. Terror Tongue - Lyrical Threat
13. Molecules - Revenge
14. Tripps - New York, N.Y.
15. Stikken Moov - Beware
16. Kornerstonz - Korner Life
17. De'1 - Da Underground Sound (feat Marley Marl & Lords Of The Underground & Sah-B)
18. Tha East Click - Same Ol' Next Shit (feat Madman Shawn & Full Clip & Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard)

Ahí va mi segunda compilación de los mejores vinilos de Hardcore Rap de toda la historia de la década de los 90. Rimas, bases, ritmos...lo mejor de lo mejor.

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Isako dijo...

Thanks to all the DJ's who are gelous of me... thanks...because it's meaning i'm more better DJ than you... jajajaja
Be gelous gelous...

Isako dijo...

I wanna tell you something Kraizee wherever... I only take one song from the compilation you said me other day... only one, and for this i had to read a lot of bad words from you ???? Fuck You mannn... I doubt you have all of vinyls you rip to mp3...and what do you think about steal mp3 and post in to a page ??? is it ilegal for one person or for all... nooooo only legal for kraize whever... shut up your fuckin mouth.. pug la meg

knowledge dijo...

Hey, keep up the good work, loved this compilation, aswell as vol. 1 stay positive, one.

Silent Springs dijo...

hi this is sybylys from silentsprings blogspot. love what you're doing here... if you like my music,

, it would great if you could post the download links on your blog

BYL dijo...

this deserves much props. brick flava, native rhythm, terror tongue, constellation, so many dope names on this man.