viernes, noviembre 10, 2006

Click Tha Supah-Latin - This Iz How I Know (1997)

Year: 1997

Label: Wild West Records

1. Tha Beginning/ Beat Box Intro
2. 4 My People
3. Lately
4. You Wish (feat Anthony)
5. Here We R Again
6. Wake-up Show Interview
7. This Iz How I Know (feat Akil & Derek Strong)
8. Latin Girl
9. LookAtcha
10. Rappaz Steppin' 2 Me
11. Friday Night Flavas Interview
12. A Lil' Sumptin'
13. Back II Back (Intro)
14. Back II Back (feat Jon ? Doe & 2Mex & E-Tone & Kram Neves & Sober Loc & Shonking & Big Al & Cool Ade & Shady & Brotha Kink & Click 88)
15. Here We R Again (Remix)
16. Latin Girl (Remix)
Desde Los Angeles nos llega este Deejay, el cual ha producido a grandes raperos como Tha Mexakinz o Delinquent Habits, pero en este caso se produce a sí mismo, creando un album con grandes toques latinos y bases con ritmos tremendos. Una joyita de CD...
Os recomiendo: 4 My People, Back II Back y You Wish.

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Bepp_1 dijo...

Pooh-Man - Ain't No Love

The Kraken - Dusty Subliminal Rhymes EP

Matt Bane dijo...

N.O.T.S. Landing

I'll be back with Raw Breed - Killa Instinct (1996)


matt bane dijo...

Fuck IT!!!

I thought I had that Raw Breed album... It turns out i've got 3 others.

Lune Tunz, Rabbit Stew & Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Let me know if you want those.

Big Y-Dogg dijo...

If someone can re-upp the Mc pooh ain't no love file, that'd be much appreciated